Pioneering a cleaner, kinder way of making beef.

We’re Mosa Meat, a food technology company that’s helping everyone take a bite out of a better future – starting with the world’s kindest beef burger.

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Craving change?

We want to introduce a new way of thinking about, growing, making, and enjoying food.


A next step which is kinder for all of us – and the planet – but doesn’t mean sacrificing taste.


Feel good indulgence

 We’re making the beef burgers of the future.

They don’t taste ‘just like’ meat. They are real meat. Real beef that oozes and sizzles with real fats and juices.

We’re making these burgers so people can make a positive impact on the planet, simply by swapping delicious beef… with delicious beef. Easy!

Kinder for you

Kinder for you

Kinder for society worldwide

Kinder for society worldwide

Kinder to cows (and other animals!)

Kinder to cows
(and other animals!)

Kinder to the planet

Kinder to the planet


How do we do it?
With science, naturally.


We grow our beef by harnessing the same natural processes responsible for muscle growth in a cow.

We start by taking a sesame-seed sized sample of cells, and nurturing them to naturally grow into beef. We can make 80,000 burgers just from that one sample – and no animal is harmed.

And just like a farmer cares for their herd, we give the same care and attention to every cell. Sure, it sounds a little different.

But take a closer look…


Science at work

Lab 03.jpg
Lab 04.jpg
Lab 07.jpg

Craving change?
Join us and shape the future of food


Calling all future-food lovers

Help us reshape the food system and make a real difference.

Want a piece of our patty?

Use our cutting edge technology, or put our burger on your menu.

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